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One of the most important sides of wearing and attaching Hair Extensions is the Hair Quality itself.



There are several different qualities of hair available on the market and choosing the correct type is very important.  A lot of hair now coming from China, India, Latin America where the hair are easily available due to the high population. These hair are often heavily treated (as they are naturally very thick and coarse and of course dark only) which ruins the hair cuticles and leave the hair brittle and damaged. To make the hair thinner and softer on touch the cuticles have been removed, also this hair is sorted upside down. 

HAIR MUST BE REMY HAIR! It is the main reason why hair get tangle and dry fast.


















Tape Hair Extensions,Bonded Hair Extensions, Micro Rings Hair Extensions

Virgin Hair Mean

I only  use the best quality hair called Virgin Remy Raw Hair. Light colors being collected in Eastern Europe.

Dark hair I collect in South Russia, where its is thicker, stronger and dark colors. Can be wavy or naturally strait.

This hair have never been chemically treated, permed or heavily colored. This hair still can be colored few shades up or down, it will not ruing the quality. Just like your natural hair.

Hair Collections

After cut, the ponytail is washed and drawn to remove any shorter hair in order to be ready for use. This non intrusive treatment ensures that the hair retains its cuticles and therefore they stay naturally bouncy, healthy and it also means that your extensions can be colored or styled the way you want, at the same time remaining its health and strength.

These hair are soft to the touch and will keep their vitality long time. It is light, bouncy hair. They can be used and reused for years if properly looked after and will always remain  of a superior quality.


Once you have tried and felt the quality, you will never use other hair grades!

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