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Let's try and find out what Hair Extensions are good for you and your hair? 


  •  Do you live in Dubai?

     That means you live in a hot and humid climate. And your Hair probably gets frizzy and oily in the root area very fast.  And it feels you need to wash your hair daily.



  •  Do you need Long Hair for a special occasion?

  •  Or you want to have long, shiny sensual hair just permanent on a daily basis?

     Are you aware that long healthy hair extensions will make you look more feminine and way younger! I am telling you it will)))

     Ok, now you do know whether Hair Extensions are a permanent or temporary solution. But that's just beginning of for the Hair Extensions quest...

     As you probably know by now there are several attachments methods available in Dubai or in general.

Most widely offered across Dubai salons now -  is Hair Extensions called Tapes or Stickers. 90% of that staff Stylists have never been professionally Trained on Hair Extensions.

     I am sure you have done your little research on Hair Extensions. But the above in no way does not mean that Tapes Hair Extensions are the best. It is only widely offered in the UAE because it is fast to attach than one by one method. Such as Pre-Bonded or Micro-Rings Hair Extensions.

     And those Salons Stylists think that it is very simple and easy to just "glue it in" because it looks easy. Also fast.  But in reality, there is a lot to consider before "sticking" it.

     You can learn more about Tapes Hair Extensions here why it's not so simple or the best as it seems at first.


     Also, Hair Extensions like Pre Bonded and Micro Rings are actively emerging to Dubai's market. Due to more trained Hair ExtensionsTechnicians are coming to Dubai for work and offer their Hair services.

This kind of attachment gives you a more natural and flexible Hairstyle.


Answer 5 questions below:

  • What Nationality are you? It will define your hair type for Hair Extensions more about Natural Hair Types.

  • How long is your hair? It will help decide on how much hair do you need to instal.

  • What colour it is? Will be helping to know if colour touch to your natural hair needed.

  • Is it healthy? Maybe it was heavily bleached just must be considered prior to choosing Hair Extensions.

  • What's your Lifestyle?  Maybe you are a swimmer))!? If yes, you will be advised on the best Hair Extensions attachment available in your case. Or a model! Who has totally different lifestyle and hair care routine?

     Now, please answer all these questions above and you will have an idea of your requirements.

Mention it all to your stylist and she will offer you the best Hair Extensions method available for you. But don't forget you live in Dubai )))))

     Good luck! And if you still looking for your perfect Hair Extensionist in Dubai.

Please, send me a text message and I will try to help you with.  To FREE chat click  +971-52-270-97-97

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