Application Methods


  • Keratin Micro Beads 

  • Hot Fusions Hair

  • Aluminium/Copper Micro Rings/Tubes 

  • Tape/Stickers

  • Weft with Micro Rings 

Four Most popular Hair Extensions


Keratin Beads/Bonds Hair Extensions are also known as Hot Fusion or Pre Bonded Hair Extensions. Keratin Beads is one of the most permanent, secure, natural and most discrete hair extensions method available on the market right now.


All salons in Dubai offering standard 1grams bond option. And we are very unique-as we offer specific sizes to avoid hair damage. What damage your hair is the INCORRECT WEIGH APPLICATION/DISTRIBUTION.

Strands of hair extensions are attached to your natural hair with a keratin-based bonding polymer. Last anywhere up to 3-6 months. Hot fusion hair extensions take about 3 hours to apply. You can style your hair up or down. Applied 1 cm from the roots. Since your hair shaft is made out of 90% keratin this is healthy, less damaging then glues. Keratin hair extensions is a very widely used method. It is secure and creates a very naturally flowing install if attached properly. It is a flexible hair extensions application where you are able to wear your hair in a high ponytail. This method is perfect for adding both length and volume.

 Due to the fact that this is a "permanent" hair extension technique, it requires a professional to remove the hair extensions without ruining your hair. This is an added expense to the initial hair extension application. 


  • Strands of hair extensions are attached to your natural hair with a keratin-based bonding polymer.

  • Keratin Beads hair extensions stay in your head anywhere up to 3-4 months. But OUR hair life is 2 years.

  • Take about 2-3 hours to apply

  • You can style your hair up or down

  • Applied 1 cm from the roots.

  • Hair extensions reusable-maintenance advised every 3 month

  • Most popular and discrete method

  • Mini Bonds are perfect for thin hair (can be done with 0.3, 0.5, 0,8 grams each bond) which makes them almost undetectable.





















  Micro Rings, Micro Beads, Microtubes Hair Extensions. Is one of the most permanent, secure, natural hair extensions method available. It is more visible and more detectable then Hot Fusion Hair extensions. Due to the Copper Ring or Aluminium ring attached to secure the natural hair with the extended hair. Still, it's a light small metal ring attached. 



Micro Rings hair extensions are a strand by strand hair extensions technique. Micro Rings hair extensions create a similar result to Keratin Beads hair extensions.

Micro Rings hair extensions are applied by looping a small copper ring into your hair and then inserting the extensions hair comes with a keratin tip on the end of it. To seal the extensions strand the tube is clamped shut with an applicator tool.


  • Creates very natural hair instal that can be worn up and down.

  • Last up to 6-8 weeks

  • Moe visible then the Keratin Bonds

  • Removal can be done at home with the purchase of a  special tool(not recommended)

  • Hair reusable


 Micro Rings hair extensions are known to be a bit thicker and bulkier than the Keratin Beads Hair Extensions.





















Tape or Stickers Hair Extensions are very popular in Dubai ....Due to the myth between customers that it is safe! But, they can be very damaging in unprofessional hands.

Looks like Tape, Stickers hair extensions very easy and fast to apply, so all technicians in a salon can easily do it. TRUTH, its a bit faster than the One By One method. Thats why in Dubai it is so popular! they think that - Anyone can stick a sticker, not a big deal. That's why each and almost every salon offering this method. Don't be allured by this. Threre are technical tricks, guidelines and specifications on the Hair Extensions Application which must be followed during the application with EACH HAIR EXTENSIONS METHOD. 

Go and do it only in-salon that is specified on Hair extensions with trained professional stylists. 




This method is another option to create a result that resembles bonded in hair extensions or clip in hair

extensions. The tape typically lasts about 4-6 weeks before it begins to loosen, slip out and show.


Your natural hair part in "sandwich" between two pieces of the

tape hair extensions. 

This technique is very popular this days. Due to fast application. Removal is timely.


  • Faster application

  • Limited in styling wear than the Individual Beads hair extensions

  • 4-6 weeks before maintenance

  • Removal with professional 

  • Good to apply for a special occasions.

  • Hair reusable


This technique is not the best option if you want long-lasting extensions. Also not advised for very thin hair.

The tapes can be seen as they are kinda heavy.













Weft/WAVE  with micro rings or sew-in the weft are an old method, and it is not much safer for the hair as some clients think. What damages the hair is the weight. So if ll weight is concentrated in one area the natural hair will fall out under the stress of the weight of the extension.



The weave hair extension applied by securing it with the Micro Rings(4-2mm) to your own hair.

The weft hair extensions with Micro Rings method is less bulky and lies flatter to the head than the traditional sew in weave with braids. The braids weave can be applied to white caucasian hair and black women's hair.


  • Faster application and takeout process

  • If applied correct more gentle on hair 

  • Very  limited in styling wear then Individual Strands

  • Last 4 weeks until become unmanageable

  • Good to apply for a special occasions.

  • Hair extensions reusable


Strand by strand methods provides you with more styling options

and  more natural looking and feeling extensions wear. 

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