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   To maintain your Hair Extensions in the best possible condition

it is important that you follow advice and procedures below

  • Tie your Hair Extensions in a low plait. One or two on each side.  Before swimming, exercising or sleeping to minimize tangling


  • Do not sleep with wet hair NEVER

  • Avoid hard bleach on your Hair Extensions. If requiring maintenance to natural hair, try to only touch up roots. Or in between Hair Extensions Maintenance

  • Use thermal protector or heat spray to keep Hair Extension soft and smooth. Mid lengths to ends only. Please ensure that excess heat or moisture is kept away from sealed/bonded areas

  • AVOID products that contain ALCOHOL as it may cause tapes to peel and keratin to melt

  • Do not back comb or pull on hair roots when brushing

  • Use PUDDLE brush to avoid pulling Hair Extensions  

  • Come back for maintenance appointment  on time to prevent hair matting. and damage during the removal.  Average of 8-10 weeks

  • Hair extension removal-must be done by a professional

  • Initial discomfort may be experienced FIRST TWO WEEKS due to the Hair Extensions being attached!!

  • It is something you need to get use to live with.

  • Brush your Hair Extensions twice daily at least. Morning and before bed. Remove all fallen hair.



Micro Rings Hair Extensions, Bonded Hair Extensions


  • Shampoo and condition hair using SULFATE FREE products. Small amount of conditioner to mid ends is allowed

  • Before washing your Hair Extensions, brush them through and remove all fallen hair.

  • Massage scalp under your Hair Extensions or below strips and then squeeze recommended shampoo through hair from root to ends. Do not massage or rub hair as this may cause matting.

  • Rinse thoroughly using clean running water and squeeze gently to release excess water.Towel dry

  • After washing separate the individual Pre -Bonded  Hair Extensions/tapes/rings. Gently dry Hair Extensions hair with a hair dryer.

  • Dont do excessive brushing to wet hair.


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Why Hair Extensions Matt?

Micro Rings Hair Extensions

Prevention –  top tips to stop matting are:

  • Never sleep with the extensions wet or damp!

  • Do not massage the scalp during washing, slowly stroke the shampoo into the hair

  • Do not dry the hair Upside down

  • Wear hair in a plait when sleeping or swimming

  • Separate the bonds daily – try to get it into your morning routine so that you do not forget

  • Use the correct hair brush and after-care products

Separating Your Hair Bonds is Vital

So what is the problem? 

Matting is - where a combination of Hair Extension Hair and our own hair has not been cared for correctly, and as a result cluster at the scalp.  Over a very short period of time more and more hair will become tangled within the matted section, slowly growing larger and larger.  At the beginning of the matting processes the hair can very easily be untangled, however the longer the hair is left, the more matted the hair will become. Classed as an URGENT HAIR APPOINTMENT.


Why does this happen?

  • The most common cause of matting is sleeping with the Hair Extensions damp or wet also not brushing and separating them daily.  It is absolutely vital that Hair Extensions are completely dry before sleeping, and secured in a plait so that the hair does not tangle when sleeping. 

  • The second most common cause of matting is not separating your bonds.  Throughout the day, and during washing, naturally each of the extension will touch each other and natural friction will occur.  This is perfectly normal, however if the bonds are not pulled apart by hand daily by running your fingers across and down your scalp to ensure they are separate, across a period of a few days the extensions will slowly intertwine with each other.  It is absolutely essential that the bonds are separated daily to prevent this from happening, and only takes a couple of minutes.

What do you do if you have matting in your extensions?

If your Hair Extensions have matted I would firstly recommend that you call the person who has fitted them to discuss the problem.  They should then arrange a time, ideally as soon as possible, to remove and replace the matted Hair Extensions.  The most important thing to do is to act quickly, and do not panic.  Matting can be corrected if dealt with early, do not leave the Hair Extensions hoping it will go away, as unfortunately it will not.


Taking the time to separate and care for your Hair Extensions will increase the duration of time you can wear the Hair Extension, but will also protect your own hair, therefore it is beneficial to follow the correct advice and care for your lovely long hair.

Tips & Tricks

When you are wearing any kind of Pre-Bonded, Bonded Hair Extensions, it is very important to understand how to care for them and look after them so that they stay healthy and do not affect your natural hair in any negative way

One of the key ways in which you will need to care for your bonded hair extensions – which includes micro rings, micro tubes, nano rings, prebonded, and so on – is to separate each of your bonds regularly.


When Hair Extensions are installed correctly, they are usually fitted in a uniform pattern, whereby you will have row upon row of neat and tidy hair extensions.  It is the responsibility of your Hair Extensionist to fit the Hair Extensions correctly, however once the Extensionist leaves, it is down to you to maintain your bonds.

 As the bonds sit so close together, it would be very easy across a period of time for each of the bonds to become tangled in any loose/shedded hair, or with another bond, and it is your responsibility to prevent this from happening.

To separate your bonds, you simply need to run your fingers through your hair down to your scalp where the bonds are.  Then one by one you will need to locate each bond, and feel that it is sitting alone without being tangled to anything else.  An easy way to visualize how you would do this would be to literally count through your bonds pulling them one by one apart as you go.



This is a very quick and easy process but will have a huge impact on your Hair Extensions in the long run.  One of the number 1 causes of matting is failure to care for the Hair Extension bonds correctly, and as this will only take you a minute or so a day it is very important that you commit to this.  When it comes to your maintenance appointments, if you have failed to look after your bonds this may result in your hair extension technician being unable to maintain your bonds, instead having to remove them entirely, making it even more important to look after them if you plan to keep them for a long period of time.


There are number of different occasions when separating your bonds is essential to your daily routine. In the morning when you wake up after a night’s sleep, and whenever you wash your hair or blow dry your hair.  It is during these times that your hair is likely to face the most amount of friction because it is likely to be the longest amount of time your hair has gone without you touching, brushing or running your fingers through it.

Whether you are able to commit to separating your bonds at the same time every day, or simply grabbing a minute here and there to separate your bonds whilst watching TV,  the main thing is that you are doing it daily.  Matted or tangled bonds are the result of bonds that have never been separated, or bonds that have been separated very infrequently.


If you commit to just one thing when it comes to looking after your hair extensions, let it be this one, as matting is not a nice experience for you or your Hair Extension Technician to remove.  Take the time everyday to care for your bonds, and you will be surprised at how easily it fits into your routine.

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