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What are Hair Extensions? And how they attached....

Micro Rings, Micro TubesTubes/Keratin: I-Tip, U-Tip, Flat-Tip  & Tape Hair Extensions Applications

Mini Master Classes for my clients

Whatch this videos below to understand what to expect if you want to start wearing Hair Extensions.
Choose the appealing method for yourself or you can ask my advice :)
I use only Virgin Natural 100% Remy Hair Extensions. The Higest Grade such as Russian, or Indian Virgin  Hair etc...REMY only with all cuiticles remained. Without any silicone layers . So the hair is completley Natural and healthy just like your own.
This is just an extra info for my clients to educate themselfs.

Tape Hair Extensions

Micro Tubes/Rings Hair Extensions


Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions

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