100 Keratin Bonds
Correction was done to the previously applied hair in another salon
100 Bonds
Natural look-little length and volume
170 Keratin Bonds
Lots of Hair and Volume
30 Keratin Bonds
Only making the fuller bottom
160 Keratin Bonds
Natural Indian Hair-28 inch
100 Keratin Bonds
Natural fullness and curl
120 Keratin Bonds
Virgin Indian Hair to add volume
100 Keratin Bonds
Adding length and some volume
100 Mini Keratin Bonds
For the very fine hair 0.7g each bond
170 Keratin Bonds
Ombre look-26 inch
150 g of Russian Hair
2 Colors Used
170 Keratın Bonds
Addıng lenght and full haır look
50g-100 mını Keratın Bonds
Soft Russıan Haır
24 ıch- 150 Kerfatın Bonds
Natural Volume look
130 Keratın Bonds Indıan Haır
Length and Volume
100 Mıcro Rıngs 3 Colours Used
Natural Blond Russıan Haır
100 Mını Bonds -50g
For the very fıne haır
120 g-Tapes Hair Extensions
She wanted a lot of volume
150 Keratin Bonds-24 inch
Long and thick look
100 Keratin Bonds-24 inch
Adding volume and length
100 mini Keratin Bonds-70g
To avoid damage we make mini bonds
130 Keratin Bonded Hair
Correction done with the hair she privided
170 Keratin bonds-90 cm!
Natural Virgin Indian Temple hair
160 Keratin Bonds
Adding volume and length
100 Keratin Bonds
Natural look
70 Keratin Bonds
Just adding volume
150 Micro Rings Hair
Lots of volume-24 inch
150 Keratin Bonds
Her hair thick she needs more then avrage
75 Micro Rings Hair Extensions
22icnh for the very fine hair
80 Mini Keratin Bonds
Adding volume a bit of length
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